Avinash Muddappa, Actor


To start off with, the reasons I chose this particular art form are plenty but the most crucial reason would be the power this medium possesses to influence people's lives positively.

Many say the path is full of struggles. I wouldn't term them as struggles, I'd rather say moments of teaching. It's been a wonderful journey regardless of so called up's and down's. Nothing is fatal or final.

Along the journey, there are many moments I almost gave up. But I couldn’t go through with it because I don't have that luxury as there is nothing else I can do. So giving up would be equivalent to not breathing.

Usually there is one moment that changes your life, and mine was when I gathered the courage to break stereotypes and give up my well paying day job.I take my roles very seriously. I immerse myself into the skin of my characters, at least I try to. So I keep losing myself and finding me and another person simultaneously.

Art has completely transformed me as a person. There's a sense of calmness I have access to which makes life not to serious.My influences come form various places and people. I look up to people from all walks of life who have had the courage to follow their dreams and stay the course.

I love to work with the so called crazy people who can't sleep much as they always bursting with creativity.

I like to backtrack on my work from the past and also seek some inspiration from the Universe. I find that to be the best remedy for a creative or an artistic block.

If given an opportunity i would love to perform in Broadway.

I have to give a huge shoutout to the audience. If not for them, we artist would wither away. There has been a huge rise in acceptance and appreciation over the years.
Of course being an artist comes with its own struggles. But I get to live many lives in this one lifetime

After all, I would love to inspire while on stage!

Edited by Vidya Ram

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