My name is Sankarsh Rajeev and I am popularly known by my artist name Vontell. I am a music producer and DJ based out of India and L.A. As a music producer, my instrument is my laptop. I’ve always wanted to be an independent musician and it’s been amazing how
Artist, Music Producer, Musician
How did the journey in the painting start ?  It was already 14 years of theatre work and i was now looking forward to direct a play on the life of a painter. I remember that moment even now, when i began visiting the galleries in Bangalore on a regular
Actor, Artist, Theatre Artist
My acting journey started with my dad. My dad was in the Hindi film industry—he played the role of a villain back in the 70s-80s and was mainly remembered as Zebisko from the film Amar Akbar Anthony. I grew up watching him and being with him on the sets all
Actor, Theatre Artist
Dancing is like oxygen to me. It sets me free. About 24 yrs ago, I got into the art of learning classical dance & to this day, I am a trained Odissi dancer. I am fortunate enough to represent my state Odisha & my country India in many dance platforms
Dancer, Odissi Dancer
WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF MOVEMENT, DANCE, AND LOVE!   It all started 8 years ago when fire dancing was still a new concept in India. I was very drawn to the old-school style of psychedelic trans music. I used to love dancing to it. The stage was always mine
Fire Dancer
My name is Brandon Colaco and I am a musician who specializes in playing the didgeridoo. I have been playing the didgeridoo since around 2011 and it has been my teacher in many forms ever since then. As a kid, I was always fascinated by music. I tried playing the
didgeridoo, Musician
Ever since my parents saw that I always moved to any tune or just danced in excitement they decided to put me in for dance classes. This came with a hope that if I turned out unsuccessful in the conventional jobs out there, I could always teach dance and earn
Fire Dancer, Flow artist
‘Do not give up, stay determined, stay humble, believe in myself and keep hustling.’  This mantra of mine has been keeping me going ever since I started.  My journey with music began at a very young age of 4 years. I was born in the year of 1993 in Goa
Musician, Singer-Songwriter
Sarena Beriwala, co-founder of IndieFlow, is a flow artiste, fire performer and theatre practitioner. As a professional performer, Sarena Beri dances with both fire and LED props to spread flow arts and movement culture and performs at festivals and events across the country. Her main props are the Fire Fans,
Fire Dancer, Flow artist, Theatre Artist
It was my mother who envisioned a dancer in me. She was an excellent singer and my father used to play Tabla. This daily household euphoria of this art casted a spell on me when I was just 4 years old. She noticed me dancing Bihu (folk dance of Assam)
It was my mother’s passion for arts, that made me what I am today. She put me into dance and music as soon as I crossed seven. I was learning Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Carnatic vocal at once, can’t really recall if I was interested or not back then, but I
As Maa always narrates, I started grooving to music way before I started walking…. My dance journey began with me dancing away all day, in every space, to any music, in any circumstance, to express any emotion. Maa and Baba soon knew that my dancing needed some formal channelling and
Belly Dancer, Dancer
I have danced since my childhood but belly dancing just happened after I came to Bangalore. My Maa tells me that when I was a kid I used to stand in front of her dressing table and start dancing to random songs. Around that time, I started receiving formal training
Belly Dancer, Dancer
Capturing a moment is like saving your memories for life, that’s what I love most about photography. Hi! I’m Shreya Kadapa, a Social Media Manager by profession and a photographer by passion! For a lot of people, photography is like a hobby, something people do in their free time. But
Hello, I am Priya Oza, a professional Belly Dance Artist from Bangalore. A very short formal introduction for the rest of the world who do not know much about me. I grew up in Nagpur, Maharashtra where people were only considered successful in their lives if they were either an
Belly Dancer, Dancer
They say life is like a piano , what you get depends on how you play ! Well , I can't agree more ! My name is Harsha Jade & this is my music story It was 1989 , I'd accompanied my Father to Delhi - he was at the
Hello! I am ​Sanjana Sharma​, a belly dancer from Mumbai! Here’s a short ​formal introduction​: Sanjana Sharma​ is a Mumbai based belly dancer. She has been learning and teaching from the past eight years. She initially trained at Veve dance for three years, after which she completed a belly dance
Belly Dancer, Dancer
This is Laavanya Ghosh a 20 year old budding odissi dancer from Kolkata, India. Previously I had been trained under the guidance of Smt Nandini Ghoshal and presently I am a disciple of Guru Smt Poushali Mukherjee and undergoing my training under her guidance. I am presently an Empanneled Doordarshan
Dancer, Odissi Dancer
I picked up the guitar at an early age of 10. Having exposure to good music in our household and listening to records of Eagles, Pink Floyd and Dire Straits as a kid, I was fascinated by the sound of that instrument. But, one fine day I heard my Dad
I am Joanna Deepika J,  23 years old- An entrepreneur, crafter and event stylist in the city. "Wired Expressions", my business- started off as a hobby just when I was passing out of school. I love crafting, given anything I will put my heart, mind and soul to upcycle it