Laavanya Ghosh, Odissi Dancer

This is Laavanya Ghosh a 20 year old budding odissi dancer from Kolkata, India. Previously I had been trained under the guidance of Smt Nandini Ghoshal and presently I am a disciple of Guru Smt Poushali Mukherjee and undergoing my training under her guidance.
I am presently an Empanneled Doordarshan Artist in Prasar Bharti Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata and Graded Artist in Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre(EZCC)and have already been privileged to give my performance in Doordarshan which had recently been telecasted.
I had been the Winner of different National Level competitions across India and performed in various prestigious festivals.
In my brief journey I have been privileged with awards like
•The Doverlane Award
•The Sanjukta Panigrahi Memorial Award
• 1st runner up in Pashchim Banga Rajya  Sangeet State Level Competition for  consequently 2 years
•Jugal Srimal Scolarship for the year 2013 and 2014 respectively
•Gopikrishna Award
•Naveen Prativa Award
•Odissi Prativa Award and many more
I am also a 2nd year student in Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata pursuing Dance honours
Like any other budding Artist I feel pressurized by the soicety, go through stress and depression but the thing which makes me unique from others is that nothing could ever stop me from pursuing my passion.
I've mended my own heart when life seemed messy,  picked myself back up, coped without people I thought would be in my life for a long time.I've concluded big chapters of my life which I never really wished to.When my friends left their hobbies for higher studies,I've performed the day before my final exams,studied in between doing my makeup and have scored the highest marks.
I've seen people closest to me deprive and pull me down...and have came across  strangers who've turned into friends and loved me unconditionally! I've been my my own greatest motivator and picked myself up when life seemed messy.People make the same old joke mocking my 'height'(which they think is funny)and I've come to a conclusion that whatever someone think is wrong about you whether it's your opinion or your body that's actually your Superpower!So the next time you measure someone by their physical appearance (which you've got no control on)you know who becomes the victim!
And the next  time you  label me as "lucky" because I am pursuing my passion you better see the struggle,pain and hardwork behind it.Ive danced my way through exciting highs and frustrating lows,They both are my trusted teachers . And the only two people who had been witnessing it for 12 long years of my dance journey are my parents.They taught me that nobody is really down for you,you gotta do shit yourself,nobody is gonna put you back on your own two feet other than yourself.They made me realise that I am meant for greater things.We as an Artist, instead of faking,cheating,demotivating or destroying people, should try to build each other up,  put each other's insecurities to sleep, remind people they are worthy,tell them they are magical and be their light in a too often dim world.
Only then we can see a change in our not so highlighted but beautiful Classical Dance World.I turned myself from a confused dreamer to a confident doer..
I aim to shine a soloisit and definitely turn my Scars into Stars.The only thing I would be telling other budding artists like me trying to be friendly in a not so friendly society is "Be your own Santa,be your own saviour"
And yes "Miles to go before I sleep...."

4 thoughts on “Laavanya Ghosh, Odissi Dancer”

  1. Tui ekjon khub valo odissi dancer . Amr gorbo hoi tui amar bondhu bole .tor expression tao vison valo.

  2. Life is beautiful Laavanya. I have been following you for the past few years and have become an ardent fan and admirer. Struggle is a learning process. And coming out Winner through it is the utmost satisfaction.
    I suggest, choose ur priorities. Choose who or what is important. Rest can be ignored. Let not other negative forces bog u down, they are not important.
    Loads of Love and Bestest Wishes

  3. You’re a strong woman!
    You’re an amazing dancer!
    We all support you and want you to achieve all thr success that you deserve. More power to you girl.❤️

  4. Good luck and tons of best wishes. God bless you in whatever you do. This is my heartiest wish just for you.

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