“To everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose” – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 ...And that’s the life of a musician. I am Kenneth Gerald, keyboardist of Masala Coffee and here is a glimpse of my life. My journey started from quite a young age. I was 5 when
Hi, I'm Kabuki Khanna . INDIAN OPERA  is the genre I invented and have been performing  the same with my band "Indian Opera "(Fusion Band ). Also I do Musical DastanGoi which is "Indian Opera " with Storytelling. I am mostly in  Sufi , Fusions , western Contemporary , opera
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Let's get started about my journey from an early phase of my life: When I was 13 years old, I used to Wikipedia all the famous actors in curiosity, to understand what they have done to become an actor, and I may do likewise and land up becoming one! (so
Hey I'm Chribin Mattews and let me take you through my journey of how I became a singer/songwriter. Born to a family who is greatly influenced by music I too had a ear for one. Started singing at a very young age of 3 (I guess from atleast what my
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I think the very first thing I'd want to tell someone that wants to be an artist is that it isn't easy. A lot of people make it to the top doing half assed work but there is no substitution for hard work. There are sleepless nights and there are
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My journey as a Bharatanatyam dancer started at a young age of five. My mother initiated me into the art form when u was rather young. She believes that art has the power to define a person’s personality, makes them confident and completes them. She never had a chance to
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"we'll have to start from the beginning" said Anna Korobitsina when I approached her for some interactive art sessions in Russia in 2011!This wasn't going down too well with me because I thought that as a Commercial Artist & several projects under my belt as an illustrator with 'The Week'
CRAFTING HER DREAMS- RUTH PRIYANKA IMMANUEL one side of her room has four strings of fairy lights where almost 40 pictures of her friends and family are displayed. Next to it is a window seat with stuff toys. The third wall is dedicated to memories with a bulletin board that
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Growing up in a typical Bengali Household from Kolkata, introduction to art and aesthetics is something which was not uncommon and unheard of. Since the time I learnt basic spelling, I remember tagging my mother to dance classes and theatre shows and being amazed by the spectacular world of stage.
My love for comedy developed when I was 5 years old. My mother and grandfather used to watch and listen the great works of P. L. Deshpande. Names of like “Batatyachi Chawl, Apurvai, Me Ani Maza Shatrupaksha” started falling on my ears. I couldn’t understand anything but I found it
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Hi, I’m Mario Jerome, an actor, theatre professional and filmmaker. The path to this career of mine was not a straight one. I grew up wanting to be many different things and ultimately decided to indulge in the Biosciences (academically), something I still hold a strong liking towards.  Fortunately, I
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I’m a stand up comedian and here's my story. Shagun Gaur is many things- professor, financial advisor, a chocoholic but most importantly she's a disappointment to her parents. So she does the healthy thing of making inappropriate jokes. Having worked with SnG comedy, Bollywood Gandu and more she has found
Dusky, in a world of fair is pretty, my skin colour was often a topic of discussion, with nasty and unpleasant comments always coming my way. Imagine a little girl growing up in unacceptance with the thought that she’ll never be beautiful, horrific isn’t it? Well, that was my whole
My mother tells me when I was 3 her aunt was singing this song and while she sang Yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana..... To their surprise I sang the latter part 'Deewana deewana pyar ka parwana' I am in love with Helen's moves and she never fails to inspire
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I’m a flow artist and professional fire performer based in Bangalore, going by the stage name of Yacobeh. Flow Arts are a relatively new prop-based movement discipline that incorporates aspects of dance, juggling and martial arts. It’s a fun, challenging and meditative practice that has multiple benefits for both your
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YOU WILL LOVE MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD Do you love beautiful flute music? Maybe a Piano Concerto, the Trumpet, or Guitar sounds. Or perhaps something more exotic like the Harp or Shehnai or Sitar? I play 107 Music Instruments around the World and will continue to grow further as
Truth be expressed, you are probably as human as the other. So, when other humans say that the guitar is cool, you might have wanted to play the guitar yourself. I was not too far away from this common truth. After years of being an ardent listener to music, I
Hello dear friends, my name is Prakash Sontakke and I am a musician by profession . Academically people call me Dr Prakash Sontakke as I have a PhD in Music apart from Masters Degree in Vocal,Violin and Slide Guitar . To further clarify, when I say professional musician  I mean
My Story with flow arts started when I was in 6th grade in Mangalore , I had joined a local gym that taught traditional Indian Martial Arts which included fire spinning mostly with Wooden Staff or Steel Pipes having wound cloth material that would be set on fire . I
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Hey everyone. My name is Gowry. I am a Singer.  And I think I should start by saying that this was not a conscious choice I made.  I truly believe that the universe has a way of leading everyone to their respective calling in life and this was mine. I was
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