Austyn Goveas, Vocalist/Guitarist

I think the very first thing I'd want to tell someone that wants to be an artist is that it isn't easy. A lot of people make it to the top doing half assed work but there is no substitution for hard work. There are sleepless nights and there are moments where you will want to end it all. If you really want to be someone, someone big, someone following a dream made in music, then you have to be way stronger than you think you are.I've fought my family, friends, a career and even myself. I've been in so many bands, I can't even remember their names. But here's the thing, when you find what you need, it may not even be what you are looking for. I'm a lawyer. But I prefer to be called a musician (If it ever becomes a norm). And I knew that I wanted to be a musician, flying across the stage, belting notes that make people quiver, making crowds sing along, I knew that I wanted this way back. I was just lucky to have Kishan with me every step of the way. I know he isn't going to read this, so I can say he's probably the best song writer out there. Hands down. And don't tel him I said this.

I've worked with so many people and there are some things I can say with a clear mind, It's never going to work if music isn't your full time. And I don't mean teaching. I mean being a real, on-stage, full time , devoted to your act musician. There is no way to work around it. Right now, I'm surrounded by such people. IT took years to find them.

I've had people make excuses for not showing up for shows and even for practice. You need to know when your future is at risk, and when to cut people slack. It all comes in time. And always give credit where it's due (this is personal if you haven't figured it out yet).

And even though the scene in Bangalore is dying day by day, it's ok. Something always works out. A lot of musicians see the 'broke' phase as the end. They think 'Oh God! No money. Time to get a job'. I once ate oatmeal for a month, 3 meals a day, with water. Just because I couldn't afford food. When I had to sell my induction cooker (life comes to that), I ate ambur biryani which was 50 bucks, 2 times a day everyday for a month.

I'm not trying to scare you with insane eating habits. It's simple. If you wanna be something that other's aren't, then do something others won't. Survive. Life will make it work for you.
And to everyone who thinks there's no place for English music in India, clearly, you need to get out more.

I want to end with a line my drummer, Puneet, always gives as advice when a newbie asks him about life as a musician.He looks the kid straight in the eyes. Rubs his beard, stands straight and in a firm, husky voice says - "Are you ok to live with your parents for another 15 years?".

Peace. I'm out.

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