Chribin Mathews,Singer/Songwriter

Hey I'm Chribin Mattews and let me take you through my journey of how I became a singer/songwriter. Born to a family who is greatly influenced by music I too had a ear for one. Started singing at a very young age of 3 (I guess from atleast what my mother told me).
I used to be this shy kid who was too scared to ask to go up the stage and sing a song. My older sister who was singing professionally at the time took part in numerous competitions and did sing at family functions, I've  always had this thing of going and singing on the stage cause you know I liked the attention.
Fast forward to another 5-6 years my school had a 'talents day' competition and I wanted to sing my favourite song from this boyband I grew up with named "Westlife" and so I did sing a song up on the stage in front of 200+ students and teachers which gave me the confidence to sing more and then again "Loved the attention". So started doing this more often and started singing songs at every school program which was held. I've never had any sort of training for vocals till date but loved to experiment with the vocals and the part where I loved the most was to do the harmonies of all the songs.
This is when I first started writing my own lyrics to fight bullying in school, I felt that was the only way to express what I felt inside me. And started liking it so started writing more and more lyrics which later turned out to be songs.
Right now as I'm typing this I've come a long way from when I began, I produce music from scratch and I'm super proud of the journey I've had so far and I'm looking forward to the future now. My only regret is that I wished I started this earlier but then 'hey it's better late than never right'.
Anyway I want to thank this platform for giving me space to express myself. I'm forever grateful for that.
Thank You!

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