Sharmila Singhal, Actor/Theatre Artist

Let's get started about my journey from an early phase of my life:
When I was 13 years old, I used to Wikipedia all the famous actors in curiosity, to understand what they have done to become an actor, and I may do likewise and land up becoming one! (so silly).
Right from the beginning I wanted to live a versatile life and learn from the variety of experiences which intrigued me to pursue acting (getting into the life of various characters), never knowing it would heal me as that’s what my heart wants and needs (It’s both). As a child I had problem expressing my thoughts even with my family, but practicing theatre has helped me express precisely how I feel and that too with certainty. Also I don't shy away from being sensitive which people consider as a sign of weakness; rather I have started channelizing this nature of mine for better characterization. At the end of the day, the better you get into the character’s skin the better you can act.
The best thing about me as an Actor is that I understand the director's viewpoint and can pick-up the dialogues quickly. I follow a blend of acting techniques - Method Acting, Chekhov’s, Meisner's , Stanislavski’s which has helped me place different styles in the act.

I want to impact the audience in a way that they are compelled to contemplate upon what they have watched and something should change inside them for better. And of-course, I love entertaining people, it’s a positive sentiment when your act brings out tears, laughter or awe on the audience's face.
The people I have worked with and would want to work in future will be those who have always inspired me to pursue my passion and level up my craft with every project.

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