Neil Nayyar , Multi Instrumentalist


Do you love beautiful flute music? Maybe a Piano Concerto, the Trumpet, or Guitar sounds. Or perhaps something more exotic like the Harp or Shehnai or Sitar? I play 107 Music Instruments around the World and will continue to grow further as life move on.

Chances are if you love a particular type of music, I play it, and I play it well. Classical, Bollywood, jazz, rock, and sounds from all over the world flow from my music, but this is not the only amazing thing about me. I am now 13 years old and getting better every day in every way.

In the Beginning
My parents gives credit much of my ability and love of music to Mozart classics I listened to while still in the womb. Thanks to my parents for instilling the seed of music in my being. However, my talent didn’t surface until I was five years old when I took a drum class and wowed everyone, and this was just the beginning.

Not an Overnight Success
A lot of my talent and abilities as a multi-instrumentalist are natural, but I leave nothing to chance. In fact, I practice my music six hours each day. I am receiving training from 25 musical professionals both locally and internationally. I am self-motivated and not one of those kids driven by his parents. It is all about my true love of music and music is my Passion.

World Record
I hold the Assist Foundation’s world record as the youngest person to play all those instruments from all parts of the planet. The Assist Foundation provides a lot of resources for secondary education opportunities for young people around the world.

It’s Just the Beginning, More is happening and bound to come.
I had auditioned to for two television shows, America’s Got Talent and Steve Harvey. I have been featured on Fox40, ABC10, Good Day Sacramento in California and came on various newspapers/magazines in many countries. I am interested in a wide range of activities including hip hop, jazz and Bollywood dance, martial arts, and watching Salman Khan movies. I have a passion for painting too and have done more than 100 watercolor and oil paintings.
In the future, I have plans for composing music, writing, teaching, and directing the music.

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