Priyanka Chakraborty, Belly Dancer

As Maa always narrates, I started grooving to music way before I started walking….

My dance journey began with me dancing away all day, in every space, to any music, in any circumstance, to express any emotion. Maa and Baba soon knew that my dancing needed some formal channelling and hence my first dance form was Kathak and Rabindranritya, which I started learning at 4 years of age under my guru Molly Das. Initially the child in me did not enjoy it much, as it had a lot of disciplining and rules to abide to, like any other classical dance form. Eventually as I mingled more in class, I started enjoying the class and also the dance form.

Alongside the classes, I started performing in the annual shows and gave a few Kathak/ Rabindranritya exams. I learned the same for around 7 years and by then I had reached the higher grades in school, which took away most of my time. Though, I never needed to squeeze out time for dancing because I was dancing away through all my academic years, in interschool/college competitions, annual days, dance shows and of course my favourite place, in front of the mirror. It was now that, my craving to learn more, inquisitiveness and exposure to other dance forms started leading me to Latin styles.

This was absolutely out of my comfort zone initially because I was a complete tom boy throughout my school life and the only equation I shared with the boys was thinking of them as potential enemies or ones who had to be outwitted all the time. After that, these dance styles seemed like a huge leap. I started challenging myself to learn Salsa, Jive and Bachata under Elizabeth Pareira and Darren Das. It brought out an altogether different side to me and my dancing. I enjoyed dancing now to a whole new level and got a major confidence boost.

     Life so far was being too ideal and eventually I dealt with one blow after the other. One of side effects being, I put on a lot of weight in a short span of time. My new found confidence started taking a major dip.

Ta-daa! There were body image issues saying a big HELLO to me. As usual ‘Dancing’ always got my back. This time I evolved through Belly Dance. And- as a prelude here, there was no stopping.

What followed was…

Body positivity check

New found confidence check

Self love check

Grace check

Healing check

Expression check

…. And this was just the beginning.

I was completely immersed in this dance form which helped me learn, express , practice, understand, create and improvise much more than before. It felt so fluid and natural. I believed it would be my driving force through all odds.

Soon I chose to quit my masters and eventually my job.It felt as if everything had aligned, bringing me closer to my calling.Here I need to mention that the ‘wind below my wings’ , were my three pillars – Maa, Baba and my life partner.

Now its been seven years of being a belly dance student to Raksha Kumar and Payal Gupta( current trainer) and three years as a dance trainer and two years as a bellydance instructor.

I can’t deny that this ride came with its own share of struggles, compromises and retaliation….

I guess it was my dedication and love for the ‘Art of Movement’ that helped me rise above all of this.

We must all remember the journey and respect the positives because the roadblocks make us stronger and rest of it is just preparing us for the bigger picture.

34 thoughts on “Priyanka Chakraborty, Belly Dancer”

  1. Nicely put together. Passion guided by blessings and almighty driving it for you. Best wishes & all success.

    1. You inspire. For me, you are more than artist. You are someone who inspires, makes a person believe, makes an open conversation. And this journey that has started is just going one way, forward. Keep inspiring.

  2. Very meticulously put together!!! Your life’s journey has just began and success is just around the corner… Stay tuned!

  3. Beautiful narration of a little girl’s dream to fly higher and brighter and what better than dancing your way up the ladder. May you continue to pursue your passion always.

  4. So beautifully written. Can’t wait for more amazing things to come your way! So happy for you!

  5. You have been honest about the journey and it’s reflects in the post too!!! Really liked it🧡🧡

  6. You have been honest about the journey and it’s reflected in the post!!! Really liked it🧡🧡

  7. You following your passion says you are blessed. Very few get the chance to follow their passion. It takes courage to flow against the current. You did it dear Priyanka. Proud of you. 👏🏻💕

  8. Pinkaa that has come straight from the heart.. honest, direct and no frills

    Love your commitment yo your chosen form of self- expression and your drive to constantly improve, improvise and innovate. My love and prayers will always be with you. Go touch the sky♥️

  9. Priyanka , when the heart rules and it’s followed by dedicated hard work success is bound to follow . May all your challenges turn into stepping stones to reach greater heights Wishing you nothing less than the very best . 💓

  10. Very good and really appreciate that you chose your passion as you profession. I remember discussing this with your parents one evening.
    Hope to see you excelling every time. All the best. Yours very own critical Mamu.
    Lots of Love.

  11. Dancing is where you find your solace…. You have fought all odds and risen above everything to achieve your goals…. beautifully penned… wishing more and more success to you… ❤❣😘

  12. Straight from the heart,an awesome write up of your journey,your struggles have made you the confident n a great human being that you are,so proud of you, bless you ❤️

  13. Its so wonderful that u found your calling in dancing and made it professional too…

    Wishing you more and more success…

    Lots of love and hugs

  14. Priyanka dear, Amazing write up ! Congratulations ! You are graceful mesmerising, expressive, creative, beautiful, .Your dance is captivating flawless …God Bless you..May you rise inspire and reach greater heights ….You are ⭐

  15. Priyanka! In lifes pain always follow your passion. Follow what your love for lies most ! You will never be wrong and you will never fail if your instincts are correct !! Good work! God Bless !!

  16. I have seen your teaching and depth of knowledge, you are amazing.
    I know her as a person as a teacher as a friend and as a sister full marks every where haha 😍😍💚
    Much love and respect to you ❤️

  17. Very well narrated. Neat. (That seemed like my dream story. 😄)

    With your skills, talent, grace, determination, the divine force guiding you and above all, the solid family support you have around you, there’s only way to reach your goals – Northwards! More power to you.

    Stay blessed, Pinks!👍

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