It was my mother’s passion for arts, that made me what I am today. She put me into dance and music as soon as I crossed seven. I was learning Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Carnatic vocal at once, can’t really recall if I was interested or not back then, but I enjoyed being on stage from the first dance performance I gave the very next year. I was slowly becoming popular as the dancing girl in school but began to dislike the classes and the hard work! Somehow, I didn’t want to give up though. I kept pushing myself and my brilliant teacher’s kept changing for the next decade due to their transfers. At a point I had to chose between the two dance styles and I would say somehow Kuchipudi chose me! (The scope for expression and grace Kuchipudi offers, I would say, defines me.)

Then I happened to meet my current teacher Dr. Yashoda Thakore, who kindled a lost interest and a new love for dance in me. I changed, my dance changed, and then the whole world changed for me. Dance became the very purpose of reality and it encompassed me totally. I went on to pursue my Master’s degree in dance, which was an eye-opener of sorts, leading to my present research in dance. I completed Master’s course in Carnatic vocal as well and striving to become a professional vocalist. I must say the theoretical and musical knowledge have given me a considerable edge in dance.

There was this constant question in the previous decade (occasionally so, now) that what I do apart from dancing as a career, but now I guess people are accepting the fact that dance is a profession. I worked as an architect (my bachelor’s subject) for a brief period but discontinued. I now teach something related to architecture and arts- which I reckon are different manifestations of inner expression.

I am from Hyderabad and love travelling. Luck as it would have, it was dance that took  me places. I revel in the prospect of creating something, unique of me. This whole process of composing dance gives me immense fulfilment. The avenues, finances and the viewers fluctuate, yet the show must go on. To spread what I learnt and savor, I opened an institute to share the same with enthusiasts. At Sinjini School of Arts, my space, I try to pass on the skill, love, and history, nurturing students to seek their own path as individuals.

My parents and family have been supportive. Words fail to describe both the encouragement and drive my mother offers in all the endeavors. Though I faced health setbacks in the recent years that withheld practice and performance for months, it was dance that pulled me through. The thought that I will dance gives me the courage to face any hurdle. I began to experience the joy of dance, moments of getting lost while dancing and yet being present. When someone says they like my dance, I feel responsible. I am fortunate to be blessed with a small set of critics and audiences in the last few years who keep me afloat and grounded at once. Wish the tribe grows, not personally but for the arts as a whole!


  1. Beautifully expressed Sindhuja. May you grow and prosper with the blessings of Yashoda ma’am,your grit and good health. God bless.

  2. Congratulations on your journey to success akka. Your journey inspires many to have perseverance inspite of the setbacks.

    We, as your students are eager to learn much more from you which will be really helpful in our lives. Thank you so much for showering all the love and support and moulding us into what we are today. You have transformed stones into beautiful sculptures with your patience, knowledge and hardwork and you will continue to do so.

    You never missed classes with us inspite of your health being bad. You always wanted the fire of learning in us to be burning. Thanks a lot akka for training and shaping us into what we are today ( not so perfect but much better than earlier. Change began here).

    Hope you continue to teach and encourage us to learn more and more each day and we also have the same enthusiasm to learn things from you.

    Not only about music, but you also teach us about the hardships of life, how to deal with situations and tackle them. You have been our mentor and our guide. A compassionate, enthusiastic, loving teacher who is more a mother to her students is very rear to find. Am lucky to have you as my Guru.

    Congratulations akka. Wishing you lots and lots of happiness and success in the future. 🙏

  3. Great achievement with dedication. Please continue to pursue your passion for Kuchipudi dance and endeavour to bring out talent in budding dancers. Wish you all the best… Raja uncle

  4. Sindhuja….the way u have described your journey shows that you have enjoyed the ups and downs of it and still continued to move ahead with better understanding and more passion. Wish you all the best.

  5. The narrative is really inspiring and we wish you reach more heights in your chosen pursuit and make your family and friends more happy. Best wishes.

  6. Sindhuja, With your dedication and devotion to this wonderful art form you will surely succeed in all your endeavors and wish you to achieve the pinnacle of your career and may God bless you to achieve this goal 💐

  7. I was very much interested to learn dance when I was in third standard. But, couldnt. had I should say, I am fortunate to have found you. My daughter started loving dance. I saw that she has improved a lot in the last one year. She has started planning her time so that she will not miss your class. Infact, she is inspiring me to learn now. 🙂

  8. I thought this is god’s blessing through u r mom. My request is try to bring the awarness on helping others in our society. If it is possible. Hope u will achieve more in this. Bless u.

  9. I have seen her from phases of learning as a Child, student, and now as a mother of Raga, trying to instill another quality basically, vocal singing by her daughter, simply displays, the thirstiness of Lady Siri and her Parents from last forty Years. It’s a great effort of Jaswant and Radha Rani and their parents committed efforts, stemming out of a strong belief/Fact THAT CULTURE AND Arts only only can engrave in the jeans to make any meaningful change in the mutation of Jean’s in the furtherance of quality of human race. Kudos to three generations of a family in carrying the FLAG OF ARTS duly keeping their political affiliation or strong belief towards SOCIALISM.
    Dr. Raju GVS

    1. Akka you are amazing,you are a great teacher and you never failed to impress me through these many years of our acquaintance!!I personally feel lucky to be your student and I miss you so much.I really hope one day I’ll start dancing, with you as my teacher.

  10. Tremendous work and continuous learning made you reach to this stage.
    You are a graceful dancer, we have noticed when we first saw your dance.
    Wish you reach many more heights and get laurels to self and all who are behind the scene working for your success. Parents and Gurus.
    All the best.

  11. Really a great achievement Sindhuja. Even my daughter also started learning Bharathanatyam, she loves it most. One person should put so much efforts to reach this great position. you keep on moving to reach your goal. Keep on inspiring others..

  12. Dear Sinduja,
    I just went through your blog and I admire you for the efforts you have put in to come to this level. My thanks to your parents and my dear friend Ms yashoda Thakore for all the support they have given you.
    I offer my prayers to Lord Nataraja to bless you and see you soon as one of our cherished dancers of our country.
    My love and blessings always there for you.
    Pl Remember me for. Your next performance.
    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to say a few words.
    Bye and take care.
    Mohan Hemmadi

  13. Sindhuja ,u are blessed and .lucky to have dr.radharani as u mother. With u mother cooperation & support your future will be bright. All the best & god bless u with good health.

  14. Too impressive journey so far. Wish you mould many youngsters and add more Sindhujas to our cherished traditional form of Kuchipudi. Best wishes💐

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