Shreya Kadapa,Photographer

Capturing a moment is like saving your memories for life, that’s what I love most about photography. Hi! I’m Shreya Kadapa, a Social Media Manager by profession and a photographer by passion!

For a lot of people, photography is like a hobby, something people do in their free time. But for me it's not just a hobby, photography is my escape, a means that helps me turn reality into one of my own imagination and tell a story.

During my childhood days, my mother was the person who captured our smallest moments and saved them in albums. Looking back on those moments now makes me realise just how precious they were, and how we can relive them throughout our life. This incited a hobby of photography in me and made me more and more curious about it. In my second year of graduation (about 5 years ago), I wanted to be a part of my college fest, but couldn’t decide which team to volunteer in. A friend of mine suggested the photography team since I had always been curious about it, I said "Why not!?”, and that’s where it all began. I had never imagined a college fest would help me delve deeper into what was initially a hobby turn into a passion and eventually become my passion.

I didn’t always have a DSLR, I started with a tiny Sony Digital Camera, and with the guidance from other photographers and amazing friends who agree to become Guinea pigs for me, I have been able to explore my skills and be confident enough to share my work online.

Learning the art of Photography was just the beginning, but learning to edit them in different ways made me open my mind to all the different possibilities of what one could create with just a photo. I took up a course in editing and learned that without practice, no one can excel. And so I practised and practised and continue to, but now I have a proper thought process in mind when it comes to what type of content I want to put out there in the world. The secret to a good photo is not just in the subject, its in the details as well. To understand that you can take a look at any random photographer you can find on Instagram, Facebook or any other platform. When you see their photos, it's not just a person looking at the camera or a picturesque view, it's also about what stands out in that one photo that captures your attention and makes you think, "How the hell did he do that!?"

I couldn't always find the time for my passion, especially during the weekdays. But in the last 2 years, I have been taking out the time to actually do more instead of just sticking to the weekday working and weekend sleeping routine! These days my inspiration pretty much comes from Instagram and Pinterest. Being in quarantine for the last few weeks has helped me creatively explore different ways I can create something new and different from my existing photos.

My goal was never to become the best photographer in the world, I just want to explore my talent as I choose to become a person who’s trying to be better than I was yesterday! I would like to conclude with a quote that I really adore, and feel is very apt,

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

— J. K. Rowling

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