Darryl Britto, Guitarist

I am a full time musician and music instructor from Bangalore. I am a multi instrumentalist and a certified guitarist having completed my grade 8 practical guitar exam from the rock school exam board. I have experience in various musical genres from classical, rock to jazz. I have performed at various venues and music festivals around the country. Presently I am a part of the guitar faculty at the well reputed music school, Taaqademy in Bangalore. As a child, I had always been facinated by guitar players around me like my dad or brother- they seemed to create something magical with their fingers. I wanted to be able to do that aswell. Speaking for all musicians, I think the biggest hardship we've faced in the music industry would be that we aren't usually well respected for our original music by the general public or that we aren't payed well by event management companies for the shows we'd work hard for. It's really a struggle to make both ends meet if you want to consider music as a profession. I never did give up but I was close to giving up. There was a time in my life when I kept reconsidering my choice of taking up music. My friends around me told me to try to find a "stable" source of income rather than take up music full time. I tried looking for other work. In the end, it was my parents who really supported me and inspired me to do what I love and love what I do. I'm really thankful to them for that. I don't consider giving up again. When times get hard, I'd just gotta work all the more harder. Attending the fall camp at swarnabhoomi Academy of music was truly a life changing moment for me as it changed my whole perspective on music as was exposed to different styles of music such as traditional jazz, bossa nova and Indian classical. Having met the teachers and students of the school, I realized there's a lot more to music as different genres or styles can convey different emotions to the listener. From that moment on I did not want to restrict myself to a particular genre but rather listen to various genres for inspiration. Being appreciated for your original music is something every musician strives for. Having played at a music festival to a crowd of over 3000 people to me could me just as rewarding as having played to a group of 30 who'd really appreciate your music. At the end of the day it's not your popularity which counts- it's your music. Sharing my music with others truly makes me content with myself. Hands down- my parents. They work so hard in everything they do. If I could work even half as hard as them I'd be able to achieve a lot more than I have presently.

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