Gowry Lekshmi, Vocalist

Hey everyone. My name is Gowry. I am a Singer.  And I think I should start by saying that this was not a conscious choice I made.  I truly believe that the universe has a way of leading everyone to their respective calling in life and this was mine. I was lead to it without my own knowledge. It was an unknown journey that brought along with it, its own share of wonderful adventures and challenges. Being a woman in the industry itself brought a lot of struggles along with it. Though I had my struggles with it initially, but the looks on others' faces when they saw me soar despite my struggles is what gave me a secret high and kept me moving forward.

Though the struggles shape you into what you are, there are moments when you just want to give it all up and call it a day. That moment occurred with me too. That moment was when I was betrayed by the two closest people in my life, whom I trusted the most. I was left alone by them when I needed them the most and I just wanted to leave everything behind me and move to a foreign land where I wouldn't know anyone and nobody would know me. But little did I know that the Universe's plan for me was something else completely. So I stayed back and dove in headfirst into this emotional turmoil and am proud to see how far I've come because of it.

Apart from this one particular instance that completely turned my perceptions around, there have been many other moments and people who have been the reason for many a turning points in my life. The one that stands out as most special is when I met my husband, Ganesh. My life completely took off and with such zest! It completely went another way and was and still continues to be such an epic adventure. I don't think I will ever stop being thankful for that.

Since then it's been an upward journey. I have sung on many a stages till now and a lot of the times, it is the captive audience that makes me lose myself in my music. Every single time I sing, the involvement of the people singing along to my tunes keeps me going. That's when I realized music is a separate realm altogether. It brings people together and spreads so much love and joy in any room or arena. Even in my personal life, music has been more than just a few tunes. Music has always helped me get out of some really tough places in life - it has always been there for me through the highs and lows.

I think it all began with my inspiration - Accomplished women. I would wake up and see women all over the world accomplish something in their field of passion against all odds and I wanted to be like them. That was my inspiration. And Im thankful that I pursued this path without which I wouldn't have had the pleasure of working with some amazing and talented musicians in the industry like Rex Vijayan, my husband(drummer & music producer), Shaan Rahman and Isaac Dharmakumar (my keyboardist). Playing with such talent gives me hope that I can perform for everyone all over the world and be limitless. it also makes sure I never run out of juice. And when I do hit a writers block inspire of it, my go-to remedy is a good night's sleep and some strong coffee. You can't go wrong with coffee.

There are other things though, that keep my creative juices flowing, like a quiet and peaceful retreat in my haven - my home, my sanctuary. Sometimes just cutting off from all the noise and negativity and spending a quiet day at my home gets me motivated and creative. With the music scene evolving so much, I think it is imperative that we all take some time out and get creative! But when it comes to evolution of music, I will also say that I believe in one simple Principle. Send out good vibes through your music and nothing can stop people fro loving you. It's just that simple!

And at the end of the day, it is all worth it - the struggle, the pain, the tears. Because there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fun part of the journey begins when you start receiving amazing responses from the masses and start being loved by them. The first time someone identifies as your "fan" is truly an unforgettable one. The struggles finally start reaping joy as you watch them sing and dance to your tunes. U think at the end of the day, what makes me the happiest is when my music makes people shed their egos and inhibitions and come together to enjoy some good music - even if for just a little while.



Edited by Vidya Ram

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