Rupen Paul, Stand-up Comedian

Always the person with the sense of humor in the group, comedy was never ever in my thoughts in terms of career. Somewhere deep down I always knew I wanted a cool job but not something where my heart is not in. Now from where did it all kick off? Well I’ll tell you my story. At 18, I saw a clip of stand up and that really got me hooked. It was not your stupid same old jokes, this was different. There was a lot of wisdom behind the jokes and the manner in which it was delivered was on point. At this time, trust me I had no clue about stand up, not the slightest. I started looking it up and researched a lot about it. I came across stand-up comedy in urban solace during their open night and decided I’m going to dedicate my time for this and pursue it. If it flies and soars then so be it else move on with something else. I did not want to be another person who had dreams but never the courage to try. Hence I made a commitment to myself that I would do one open mic a week. How did it go you would ask? Well, honestly the first show was horrible but that didn’t let me down. It served as the fuel to the burning desire in my heart. I knew exactly what went wrong, the areas which needed improvement and hence I kept working and well the rest is history I guess. My parents were supportive throughout my journey, I wanted to get of the financial support from my parents and I ensured I did. I gave my parents a reason to believe and support me, I became financially independent, started taking care of them and took on the responsibilities of an adult. I am extremely happy with where I am today, I carved this path for myself, I chose this path and I am very happy and joyous to be walking this road. The road not taken is a common story in many of our lives, I didn’t want to be another cattle in the herd blindly following the masses. It’s your responsibility to make your career happen, it’s in your hands to create or destroy your dreams, completely yours, remember that. No one ever said the road is easy but if you ask me it’s worth every minute of the pain and hardships cause in the end the view is breathtakingly beautiful. For me comedy served as the platform where you could bring issues to light yet make people laugh about it. It was never easy.  It feels like you are a piece of meat and there are vultures waiting to get to you and peck at you but you ought to stand your ground and fight your battle , you can’t let the fear of the vultures picking at you prevent you from doing your calling and giving your best. You always win more than you lose.

Edited by Divya Maria Sunil

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