Ramya Priya, DIY Artist


I’m Ramya Priya. But you can call me Ramya. I am an Artist [DIY Gift-maker]. I’ve always had a keen inclination for the arts and crafts, given that I always got straight A’s in this particular subject. But never did I think that it’d turn into my passion, let alone me ending up pursuing it. Making these artistic goodies makes me feel alive. Of course it led to a pretty little mess around the house! But what kind of fun isn’t messy? In fact, my home never failed to be a fortress of cardboard boxes every single time I took on a project. 

I specialise in customised gifts ranging from explosion boxes, cards, coaster, key holders, pixie jars....and the list goes on!

My love for handmade gifts is indescribable. A handmade gift always supersedes a store-bought gift because of all the time and effort that goes into it. It is not mass produced. It is unique. The smile a handmade gift puts on someone's face is priceless. It started off slowly, making handmade gifts for my friends over the course of 4 - 5 years. And imagine my joy when the efforts paid off, word spread and I had people from all over asking me to do customised gifts for their loved ones!

I owe a huge part of this to my friends who relentlessly supported me through this journey. In fact, it was them who persuaded me to take this up seriously. And since I fancied making most of my gifts with Plaster Of Paris [P.O.P], P.O.Psicle was born.

I must admit, this wasn't an easy walk in the park. It is quite difficult to manage passion and profession, but it most definitely is NOT impossible. Certain days are tough and I've had to work around the clock. But the joy I see at the end of the whole ordeal makes all the effort totally worth it! I'm glad that I'm one of the lucky few who finds solace in her art and hope to take it up full-time someday. I urge every single person to pursue their area of interest just to keep yourselves happy, which I believe is the most important aspect of living. 


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