Rasika Samak, Mandala Artist

The word ‘Mandala’ is familiar to many people, yet may not be well understood. It has many purposes -  meditation, artistic expression, or connecting with the inner self - and for each purpose it has its own form and meaning 

I started designing Mandalas recently and found that it has helped me evolve into a more creative and artistic person. In the early stages, it was difficult to concentrate for long hours. But with time, I learnt how to channel my much needed patience and commitment. The key to a perfect Mandala is dedication. There have been times when I almost felt like giving up, but the urge for satisfaction invigorated me, helping me proceed. There have been days when it would take hours to complete one single Mandala. But at the end of all the ardour, the effort would seem worth all the time.

The Mandalas are meant to communicate from a place deep within us, bringing us awareness. This helps us appreciate our intrinsic gift of creativity. It is not a “thinking” approach, but rather, an “intuitive” approach to artistic expression. When creating a Mandala using paints or pens, one lends the freedom of expression and intensity of colour to recreating their inner vision of it on paper.

This is an extensive and deep form of artistic expression. It is a reenergising and inspiring form, where one begins to perceive a new, sometimes previously unknown, inherent creativity. Trusting the process and unleashing inner creativity enhances not only one’s art but one’s life as well.

Every Mandala has a story to tell!

Edited by Vidya Ram

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